Showcasing the Arts

Business Award

Paducah Bank

McCracken County

Paducah Bank has roots in Paducah, Kentucky that go back nearly 75 years. It is the only remaining locally owned back in Paducah, and that’s a claim that Paducah Bank considers its fundamental strength. Paducah Bank has long been associated with not only excellence in financial products and services, but an unparalleled dedication to the community in which it thrives. The bank’s investment in the Artist Relocation Program some 20 years ago is just one example of the organization’s total dedication to the city’s creative culture and its belief in the many artists who have made Paducah their home. Not only did Paducah Bank serve as a founding partner in the development of the Artist Relocation Program, the bank consistently provides both financial support and professional mentorship to aspiring artist-entrepreneurs. The bank has long recognized the vital nature of the arts and of cultural investment in the ultimate success of the region in which it operates. Paducah Bank also greatly values its own corporate culture. In 2006 the bank was awarded the Top Place to Work in Kentucky among mid-sized companies. In 2008 it was recognized by the Wall Street Journal as one of that publication’s Top 15 Small Workplaces in North America. Paducah Bank has won the Louisville Mayor's Worksite Wellness Award numerous times, and in 2019, the business won the Governor’s Service Award. Paducah Bank’s philosophy comes from a sense of place. The bank believes that helping to develop a place where people can creatively live, work and make art is a place worthy of its investment.

What does this distinction mean to your organization?

The Governor’s Award for the Arts is an honor beyond our expectation. This distinction lifts up not only Paducah Bank, but the community of culture that we and others have worked so many years to achieve in our city and in our region. It also serves to shine a light on the arts in western Kentucky and to enlighten our citizenry as to the myriad creative endeavors that are a vital part of our community’s success.

How does Paducah Bank contribute to Kentucky art and creativity?

Paducah Bank recognizes the value of the arts in our UNESCO Creative City and invests in them accordingly. Many of our employees are artists themselves, performing with the Market House Theatre and the Paducah Symphony Orchestra, and many serve on the boards of directors of various local arts organizations. Additionally, our Teen Ambassadors have been instrumental in creating kindness murals in public spaces around the city. The list of local arts organizations supported by Paducah Bank includes: the Paducah Symphony Orchestra, the Yeiser Art Center, the Carson Center for the Performing Arts, the Market House Theatre, the WKCTC Clemens Fine Arts Center, the Lower Town Arts Association, the Lower Town Arts and Music Festival, the National Quilt Museum, and Maiden Alley Cinema. On a larger scale, Paducah Bank has also been a proud supporter of Kentucky Humanities, specifically the Chautauqua program, which brings historically accurate dramatizations of famous Kentuckians into schools across the state.

Why do you believe the arts are important?

As far as Paducah Bank is concerned, art is an essential component of any community that enhances the quality of life of its citizens. Without the presence of the arts in our schools, homes, institutions and organizations, life in Paducah would be little more than basic existence. There is much that a community gains when people and institutions like ours identify and honor the invaluable contribution of arts and culture.